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Hi there, I'm Matteo Gualeni, a multi-talented musician, drummer, sound designer, and mentor based in Milan. My main focus is on audio-visual projects and music education. In the last five years, I've accomplished great success with my projects Baransu and Missing Ear. I've also curated guest mixes for my Radio Raheem residency, taught electronic music production courses at the Accademia del Suono, organized events, and performed in prestigious venues such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul), Museo Della Permancente (MI) Fondazione Marconi/Istituto Svizzero (MI), Palazzo del Cinema Anteo (MI), Monk (RM), and MiDi (BG).

My journey began with drums at a young age, and I later explored the world of Jazz music, earning a bachelor's degree from Conservatorio Luca Marenzio. I've continued to learn from renowned drummers like Benny Grebb, Tony Arco, and Stefano Bertoli. I've also pursued a second-level master's degree in Electronic music and Sound Design at Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan, studying under Giovanni Cospito, Sergio Cingolani, and Sylvian Sapir.

I'm highly active in the experimental-electronic music scene, collaborating with various artists in different forms, including featuring and radio residencies. My current project, "Missing Ear," is a collaboration with AV artist Marco Ciceri and visual artist Micheal Barteloni in addition to my residency at RadioRaheem, hosted by the Triennale di Milano.

As a freelance Sound Designer and Composer, I've worked with companies like 5e6, Febo Film, IED, Officine Fare Cinema, BHM Studio, and clients such as KYMKO, Argor, Lelit, among others, since 2019. 

Recently, in 2021, I've begun teaching Sound Design, Synthesis, and Production techniques at the Accademia del Suono in Milan.

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Latest Release :

Digital + Double LP 2022 (MP48, Mille Plateaux) 


Discover my latest selection of tracks played on Radio Raheem at the stunning Triennale Di Milano, featuring exciting collaborations with talented artists like Halina Rice, Sara Berts, The Allegorist, Felicia Atkinson, and more.

Sound Designer and Composer:
Commercials and short-movies

I’m a freelance composer and sound designer with a diverse range of clients. Notable companies and brands I have worked with include Kymko, IED Officine fare cinema, Argor Heraeus, Lelit, 5e6, FeboFilms, and more.

Creative Mentoring:
Lessons and coatching

I offer personalized one-to-one mentoring sessions on a weekly basis, providing comprehensive feedback on your projects and granting you access to my private studio hours, equipment, instruments, and tools in a stimulating and creative environment. I provide guidance and assistance at all times, catering to beginners and advanced producers alike. Whether you are seeking support with an ongoing project or looking to develop new skills and techniques, I will help you improve your abilities, experiment with new approaches, and unlock new avenues for creative expression.

For all inquiries related to projects, mentoring, lessons, studio and possible collaborations get in touch via email: ︎