2024 / TBA


Mercurio Festival (Palermo, Italy) / 22 Sept. 23

Light Night  + OPPOSITES UNITED : Romancing Gemstones (Seoul, South Korea) / 1 September 23
On the occasion of "Light Night Seoul 2023," Missing Ear will be featured with its new Live AV show at the incredible Dongdaemun Design Plaza. For the OPPOSITES UNITED : Romancing Gemstones event on September 1, the artist will be on stage for an hour-long show. For the occasion, the stage will be shared with the Otolab project, Alewya and Afrodeutsche.

NEW NOW Festival “Immersive Sound Night” W/Katatonic Slitentio (Essen, Germany) / 1 June 23
The "Immersive Sound Night” will take place on the 1st of June during the inaugural evening. Renowned international artists are invited to perform experimental electronic sounds and visuals in the Mixing Plant — offering an immersive audiovisual experience in a unique industrial setting. The Immersive Sound Nights are realised in collaboration with MUTEK Montreal, a festival for electronic music and the digital arts.

OPPOSITE UNITED “Power To Progress” (Milano, Italy) / 22 April 23

Called by ZERO.EU and KIA Worldwide the artist Missing Ear will open the dances with his debut album Skyquakes to life: drums and synthesizer sounds will intertwine for a show accompanied by lights and visuals. Next up is one of the biggest innovators in contemporary hip hop, Hudson Mohawke, Warp's Scottish producer whose futuristic sound hybridizes beats with a very dancy attitude. Next march to close the evening, with Afrodeutsche composer, Manchester's queen of electro.

Palazzo Cinema ANTEO (Milano, Italy) / 16 Nov. 22
Live preview of the short film "Elogio" created in collaboration with IED, AKONI, Officine Fare Cinema.

MiDi - ZoneDigitali (Bergamo, Italy) / 2 Oct. 22
Audiovisual presentation of “Onlife, produced for 25AV by Baransu release on HOHA Records and Radio Raheem

Event organized by MidiMotoriDigitali

BIKO “Beat Macchine Records Showcase” (Milano, Italy) / 2 Oct. 22
ONLIFE_case study
Label showcase with Maxwell Simons and Atra Bilis. Aby Baransu release on Beat Machine Records.

Istituto Svizzero “Sol Invictus” (Milano, Italy) / 16 Dic. 21
Audiovisual presentation  of “DK  AV work by Baransu release by Mille Plateaux - Force Inc.
Event organized by Istitutosvizzero Fondazionemarconi FondazioneICAmilano Radioraheem

Neologia Graphic Days (Torino, Italy) / 14 Oct. 21
AV work by BaransuThe observatory is structured into three categories: Motion Graphic - GIF, Poster Design, Editorial Design. Starting with the 2024 edition, a new category has been added: AI.

Carme “b X h area performing arts“ (Brescia, Italy) / 21 July. 19
AV work by Baransu.

Castello Dei Conti “Churches” (Modica, Italy) / 12 Augs. 19
Drummer W/Daykoda

Monk (Roma, Italy) / 21 July. 19
Drummer W/Daykoda

Fano Jazz Festival (Fano, Italy) / 26 July. 19
Drummer W/Daykoda

Spring Attitude Waves (Roma, Italy) / 21 July. 19
Drummer W/Daykoda

UMBO “HOHA Records Night” (Zurich, Switzerland) / 23 Nov. 19
Label showcase with BaransuKatatonic Silentio, Mateo Hurtado, Nitrate Es

UMBO “Our Dirt” (Zurich, Switzerland) / 12 May 18
Audiovisual presentation  of “Noise is Space  AV work by Baransu release by ROSH! Records

LINECHECK Festival (Milano, Italy) / 24 Novb. 18
Drummer W/Daykoda

Musical ZOO (Brescia, Italy) / 21 July 18
Audiovisual presentation  of “Noise is Space  AV work by Baransu release by ROSH! Records

Spazio Hydro (Biella, Italy) /  Novb. 18
Drummer W/Daykoda

ELEVA Festival (Reggio Emilia, Italy) / 15 June 18
Drummer W/Daykoda

WUNDERKAMMER (Ferrara, Italy) /  10 Setp. 17
Audiovisual presentation AV work by Baransu release by ROSH! Records